• Photo Challenge

    I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now so why not start in January. I’m going to try and use my camera more so I’m challenging myself to post at least one photo every month. I’ll post it here, on facebook, twitter and instagram. Hopefully this will get me more active with my DSLR and not just the camera on my phone. Wish me luck!

  • 2013 Wasn’t the best year for posts

    Hopefully that will change in 2014. I still need to update my site but my hobbies and family have taken most of my free time. I have ideas on mods for my truck and other things to add content to this red headed step child of mine so lets all cross our fingers and hope that I can find time to get this site up and running. Until my next post, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • Site Disarray

    The site is a little messed up right now due to an outage and back up restore that didn’t quite restore the layout correctly. Stay tuned for an update on when this will be fixed. The site is 90% operational though.

  • Happy New Year!

    Well another year has come and gone. I didn’t get any real vacation time but next year that will change. I have a trip to Big Bend National Park and  a off-road trip through Colorado scheduled. There also might be a trip to Boston with some friends so hopefully 2 out of the 3 will happen. Take care everyone!



  • Minor updates

    I added links to my facebook and twitter. I keep saying I’m gong to update this dang website and yet I haven’t….maybe one day.

    On a Xterra related note it looks like I’ll be going to Big Bend National Park in January so I should have some new trip photos to post up when I get back.

  • Mostly moved in

    Well we are moved in and about 95% unpacked. The stuff left to unpack is mostly garage stuff and decoration type stuff such as pictures which I’m sure the wife will be asking me to start hanging ASAP. The todo list of things to fix in the house seems to be growing every day so I should probably start working on this sooner than later so I don’t feel overwhelmed and I can pace myself on what I need to do.

  • Moving on

    Yep we have finally been able to sell our house also found one to buy. Because of the stress of selling and trying to buy a house…no work has really been done on a revamp of my site. One thing I am leaning towards is relocating my gallery to a hosting place such as Flickr. The tool I use has had no updates, is hard to setup under Win 2008 as there were no instructions and the gallery really only needs to host a handful of pics and not every single one I take. I’ve also considered but am not convinced of moving my site to a hosting company. Since I also host my own email server, that would be a PIA to keep up with as far as DNS, and other things so for now I’ll probably continue to just host it at home.

    One thing I can’t wait for in the move is to get into my new office space. The room I’ll be using is larger than I have now, has but in shelves and access to the attic so some of my storage issues will be gone. Talk about WINNING!

    For now this is just a little life update that will most likely be read but 5 people but after the move, work will go into an update on my site, some actual trip planning (one is already in the pre-planning stages) and maybe…just maybe I’ll be better about updating my site so I can get more traffic on it. I mean what’s the point of having it if no one looks at it?